Welcome to sns2U!

Everybody loves shopping and everyone loves a good sale and a great  bargain. At times, you may not have access to a computer and to our website and you may be wondering what sales or warehousesales are available this week?

Introducing the launch of SNS2U! We bring our services directly to your phone. shoppingNsales partners with VoiceMail Tone Sdn Bhd to provide you with the most up to date Sale or Warehousesale of the week! Remember “An SMS A Day Will Save Your Ringgit Today!

All you need to do is Activate SNS2U is:

  1. Type  ON SALES
  2. Send the SMS to 33333

And this will activate SNS2U and you will receive 5 SMS a week at 30cents each.  You will never miss out on the Best Sales & Warehousesales in Malaysia ever!



  • Each SMS will cost you 30 cents
  • You will receive 5 SMS each week (Total of 20 SMS each month = RM6 only)
  • To subscribe to the SMS send the message ON SALES to 33333 
  • To unsubscribe to the SMS send a message OFF SALES to 33333